How to manage your SketchUp licenses and all apps by Trimble Account Management Portal


This article is specially written for users with SketchUp subscriber who login based to use SketchUp. Subscriber can access these features by Trimble ID on management dashboard:

  • Check all purchased plans
  • Access all apps download links to install
  • Activate or Inactive your members

Now you can access the dashboard 【Account Management Portal】:

Login your own Trimble ID

Please take your registered Trimble ID to complete login and management as following.

Trimble ID should be the same as the email address saved on the order that you purchased.

If you have Trimble ID yet, please refer to the following article:

Input your own Trimble ID

Input your password and click 【登錄 / Login】

  • Check purchased plan

Click【我的產品 / My Productions】 to see all your apps, include SketchUp Pro.

In category 【我的產品 / My productions】 you can see your licensed product description and expiration date.

Tip: You should see your company name in rectangle boundary line in red as picture shows. If not, you can click it and choose the right one from list.

  • Access download link

In the category 【我的產品 / My Productions】 you can even click 【檢視包含的應用程式 / View Included Applications】 and you will be able to access all the download link in every app ribbon.

  • Product access for your own or members

You can assign product access permission for your own or members.

Just click the category : 【成員 / Members】.

  • Members – Add New Users

You can add new members to identify role and assign product access permission by 【新增使用者 / Add New Users】.

Input an email address, even a Trimble ID, then click 【下一個 / Next】.

Identify the role for user in 【角色 / Role】:

  • Account Owner (帳戶擁有者): This user is ready an account owner for different account.
  • Company Admin (公司管理者): Access to user management for all teams.
  • Product User (產品使用者): Access to plans and products assigned to them only.

If the role for user is product user then you can assign product access here by clicking in check box with purchased plans.

Please see these numbers, such as 【0/3 Available】 indicates that the 0 is the remaining authorized number currently available, 3 is the number of licenses you have purchased for this plan.

After that, click 【新增使用者 / Save Product Access】 and you will have done all the actions.

User by assigned will receive a mail from 【】, and he can click 【Access Products】 to start using SketchUp Pro and the other apps.

  • Members – Modify Product Access

If members in your own project are different for some during time, you can assign product access to another one.

If you need to remove the product access from someone, click 【修改產品存取權 / Modify Product Access】 where as picture shows.

In the meantime, please uncheck the check box and then click 【儲存產品存取權 / Save Product Access】.

  • Members – Remove User

For some reasons that made you have to remove members, even the product access, you can do it as well.

Point someone that will be removed from the member list, click 【移除使用者 / Remove User】 where as picture shows.

New dialog will pop up, click 【我確定 / Done】 and it’s done.




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