Trimble ID Advance Security Setting
| MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) | 

If it is necessary to improve the security for your Trimble ID, you can click this link down below.

Input Trimble ID (by email address), click 【Next】.

Input password, then click 【Sign in】.

See these options:

  • A:By Authentication app (not scan QR code just by your phone camera)
  • B:SMS phone Number
  • C:Reminder me later (we would recommend this)

Use this way:Authenticator app

Launch your authentication app to scan QR CODE。

I, use Authenticator app from Microsoft and you can find it from:

Google Play | microsoft authenticator – Google Play Android 應用程式

App Store | 在 App Store 上的「Microsoft Authenticator」 (

Launch Microsoft Authenticator to scan QR code, you will get six numbers that app shows, input them here and click 【Submit】.

Now you are done with you Trimble ID and authentication app for MFA.

When you need to login Trimble ID to get more service, input Trimble ID and password on the webpage, then input your verify code that generate by authentication app, then click 【Submit】 and you will login Trimble ID successfully.

If you need to disable MFA.

Login your Trimble ID via link down below.

Tape 【Multi-Factor Authencation】 to off which is gray status, and click 【Save】.

Now you are finish all steps.

Important setting: Must have a recovery email

Login your Trimble ID via this link down below.

Click the link 【Add recovery email】.

Click 【Add recovery email address】.

Input your password and click 【Sign in】.

Input another email address for recover needed.

Click  【Send Code】.

See your recovery email inbox and a mail from “”.

You can see 6 numbers in your mail.

Input code and click 【Submit】.

All are done, you can click 【Done】.

How to use recovery email and disable MFA by yourself

If you cannot login Trimble ID with authentication app, you can click 【recovery email】.

In put 6 numbers from your recovery email inbox and click 【Submit】.

Now you disable MFA for your Trimble ID, click 【Done】 to close this message.

You can login Trimble ID just by password to get your own service.




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