SketchUp Subscription Installation

(1) This article writes for SketchUp subscriber.

A Trimble ID is needed before you install and launch SketchUp Pro.
If you are new to Trimble ID (TID), please read below article to create one:

(2) In your mail inbox that you provided us to subscribe SketchUp, you can find out a mail from Trimble to invite you to access the product.

Mail sent from: OR

Mail Subject: Start using your product today!

Just click the link 【Manage Your Account】 to access permission for all SketchUp apps

Mail content may update due to maintenance of Trimble.

Input you TID email address and click 【Next】

Input your TID password and click 【Sign in】, then you will have complete permission for all SketchUp apps

(3) If you need to find SketchUp installer and whole dashboard, click the button as below:

(4) Please log in with your Trimble ID.

Please use web browsers other than IE Explore.

(5) Input your password to complete login.

(6) Find your download link.

Your company name form purchase order → My Products → Download

Check your computer OS and SketchUp version to download:

  • If your OS is MacOS, click 【SketchUp 2024 Mac OSX】 and begin to download.
  • If your OS is Windows, click 【SketchUp 2024 Windows 64 Bit】 and begin to download.

Session: Installer in Windows

(7) After downloaded it, you should log in as an administrator to run the installer.

(8) Start installer UI

Click 【Next】 to the next page

Studio is a Windows subscription that provides access to several features, such as Revit Importer, and Scan Essentials. The new Windows Installer offers these Studio-only options alongside SketchUp Pro for Desktop, LayOut, and Style Builder.

When you begin a new installation with the installer, you’ll see Revit Importer and Scan Essentials selected by default.

Choose your SketchUp UI language by click 【變更 / Change…】 install languages, then click 【安裝 / Install】.

(9) Installer wizard will go through all the installation. Please wait awhile.

(10) Click 【Finish】 to exit this session.

Session: Installer in MacOS

(11) Click SketchUp installer dmg file to start installation. Just drog SketchUp icon from left side to Applications icon right side.

SketchUp installer will copy all the needed files to your applications in MacOS, soon it will finish.

(12) Launch SketchUp Pro and click “Sign In”.

(13) Click “Sing in” to log in with your Trimble ID.

Please use web browsers other than IE Explore.

(14) Input password and start using SketchUp Pro.

(15) You have signed in SketchUp and ready to go.

Log in has finished.

Welcome to SketchUp Pro

Note: If you wish to assign the SketchUp license to a different user, please refer to:
(Suite for all versions)




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