Trouble shooting for activate Trimble ID

If you register a brand new Trimble ID (hereinafter referred to as TID in this article), when you log in to your TID again or for the first time to activate SketchUp and other peripheral apps.

However, a message appears, indicating that you have not yet enabled verification of your TID; Trimble recommends that you can do these steps as following.

When registering for Trimble ID, you will need a valid email address.

At the end of the process, a verification mail will be sent by Trimble and it would include a available link in 72 hours.

Even if you don’t use it after the expiration date, you can re-verify again and get another new verification mail.

The button as below is for resending the Trimble ID verification, and you will receive a verification mail in your registered email address later.

In addition, if you have been waiting for the mail in your mailbox for a long time and not get it, Trimble would advice you to check the settings of your email whitelist.

You can add them in you mail whitelist:





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